TUITION - $800.00

This course is an intensive program that is comprised of three of our exciting courses. Knife/Counter-Knife, Handgun Retention, and Defensive Tactics. Knife/Counter-Knife - This intensive program is designed to upgrade the student's awareness of the latest advanced knife attack techniques coming out of the prison and gangs. The intent is to make the student sufficiently expert to justify his or her student' use of gun's deadly force against an edged weapon assault, and to demonstrate the knife's awesome lethality, in hands-on training. The student also learns to effectively defend himself or herself if armed only with a short folding knife. Unarmed defense against the knife is included. Handgun Retention - Learn to defeat disarming attempts from all angles. Course covers attacks to both holstered and drawn weapon, one- or two-handed. Techniques include Lindell, Peters, and LFI methods, and include retrieval disarms. One day course. Defensive Tactics - Restraint of violent individuals without weapons. Blocks of opponents; kicks and punches, release from strangles, armlocks, wristlocks, full nelsons, etc. Learn to restrain the largest and most violent individual with a system that progresses from pain compliance to mechanical leverage, and if necessary, rendering the suspect unconscious. The most effective and street-proven takedowns, joint-locks, pressure points, and pain compliance techniques are taught. Majority of techniques to Aikido based. Physical strength non-essential (ideal for women) but student should be in good health.

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